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CoinCAS is centered in low fees, no auto burn tokens, no auto liquidity and no auto rewards to holders. Our tokenomics is:


CoinCAS Token




TO REWARD: 15M - View
TEAM: 7M - View

This is a solid and legit project with use and function on economy and commerce! We need investors that are willing to HODL for the next months/years to grow! Only buy if u are willing to invest for longterm and be patient! Buy what you can afford and what you don’t need for the next months!

CoinCAS can be big but we need you now! Don’t invest money you don’t have!

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It's really easy and quick. Always low fees.

Create your wallet

Log into your Binance account. Deposit BNB to your account. Make sure you own Binance Coin (BNB)

Transfer your BNB

Transfer your BNB from Binance to your Metamask or Trust Wallet address. You now are able to swap BNB for CAS

Swap to CAS

Go to PancakeSwap and Connect your wallet. Use Slippage ~ 9%. Set BNB you wish to Swap and CAS will automatically go to your wallet.

Why choose Us

CoinCAS is a currency to help the digital development of local commerce. Invest today in tomorrow's local E-commerce

No PUMP and DUMP. Whales are not welcome.

Payment Options

Legal Compliance

Cross-Platform Trading

Strong Security


Competitive Commissions

World Coverage

Advanced Reporting

Margin Trading

Detailed 2021 and early 2022 ROADMAP

This is a detail with our objectives for 2021 and early 2022 ...

May 2021:
- Community surveys on CoinCAS key points
- Specific daily promotion on specialized Telegram channels
- Rewarding users who promote CoinCAS

Juny, July, August, September 2021:
- Closed APP beta (open only for demonstration to commerces and and to close agreements with new retail chains)
- Decrease investment in promotion and advertising, due to the great fall in the price of Bitcoin.
- A few days off for holidays in August for the CoinCAS Team.
- Low priced BNB accumulation by CoinCAS to add liquidity later.
- Cleaning of BOTS users in Telegram channel.

October, November and December 2021:
- APP beta (open FOR ALL users/commerces, web version)
- REAL use case: first 10 commerces using CoinCAS
- Several news and reports in Paid local newpaper
- Professional video about CoinCAS APP use
- Google and Instagram paid Ads
- Add liquidity

January and February 2022:
- REAL products: our APP (v1 Android & iOS)
- Apply exchanges
- Get more commerces and final users
- Video with big Tiktoker
- Add liquidity

March 2022:
- Contact with commerces that apply in our website for use CoinCAS
- Find MULTIPLE revenue streams and liquidity sources
- Rewrite Whitepaper with APP usecases

April 2022:
- System to Buy CAS with credit card directly from our website & APP

May 2022:
- Selling CAS to large investors from outside the crypto world

FINAL GOAL 2021 AND EARLY 2022: Marketcap > $10M

General Roadmap

In 2017 was born to create a coin focused in local commerce and e-commerce. In 2021 we launch our token: CoinCAS.
CoinCAS in on #BSC, a currency to grow the digital development of local commerce.

Q1 2021

  • - CoinCAS Launch
  • - 25% of Supply Burned
  • - Website and Socials


Q2 2021

  • - Listing Coingecko and Coinmarketcap
  • - Smart Contract Audit
  • - Whitepaper (View)


Q3 & Q4 2021

  • - Multi Exchanges
  • - Partnerships
  • - NFT Marketplace & Staking

  • Soon

Logos & APP Interface

Last minute: Test now the interface of the future Coincas APP on your mobile:

There are screenshots of CoinCAS APP in Medium

No Experience?
No worries

Looking to get started in the world of cryptocurrency with CAS?

It's really EASY: use Binance to buy BNB, transfer it to your Metamask wallet, and swap it for CAS in PancakeSwaps.

Remember, Google and YouTube are your friends with many manuals on these tools.

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Invest today in tomorrow's local e-commerce

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